postheadericon What CRM is capable to bring in terms of customer service

The programs for management of the relationship with clients known also as CRM are essential for any business today. It is possible to find a set of the CRM solutions designed to automate work with clients and to increase the efficiency of sales departments and marketing at the enterprise.

Nevertheless, the question of introduction of customer service CRM in the company for many remains open. And that shouldn’t be like that. Most of the representatives of small and medium business continue to conduct base of clients in Excel MS to this day or prefer not to conduct it at all. That is why they remain to be small.

What problems exist?

We will try to understand what specific problems customer service CRM will be able to fix:

● The absence of a uniform client base.
● Sellers have no access to data on the client and history of interactions, contacts are often lost, managers can contact and fight for one client at the same time.
● Managersdon’tcope.
● The set of cases, big flow of clients, high physical and emotional activities can put out of action even skilled workers. A large number of mistakes, low level of service inevitably leads to a decrease in sales and leaving of clients to competitors.
● It is difficult to predict sales and financial performance.
● Different data from different sources, accounting for sales and income is complicated. Incorrect reports conduct to one – it is impossible to estimate results of work and to plan the future activity.
● It is impossible to trace what employees are doing during the working day.
● If business processes are not managed properly managers can waste time for nothing – teas/coffee/cigarettes, infinite conversations on far abstract subjects, viewing of web pages for personal reasons and many other things, to the detriment of fundamental obligations. As a result – zero efficiencies, failure to sales plans and small revenue.
● Search or preparation of the necessary documents takes away a lot of time.

To solve all of the given above the customer service CRM would be a deal decision.

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