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Make a site for one thing. Include this thing in your domain, headlines, key keywords, and above all content. Make sure the content is clear and readable. The content must be the center of every web page. At the very least, the title of the page must be in the visible part of the screen.

Avoid too many ads above the middle of the page. Ad units are a major source of revenue for many sites, but too many ads on the visible part of the screen have a negative effect. Make sure that each ad is not intrusive and clearly distinct from the content. ads on a site

  • Create a content hierarchy. A well-designed page hierarchy enhances the ranking of the main pages in the site and facilitates the user.
  • Use SEO friendly URLs. Brief URLs that include targeted keywords (separated by hyphens) are considered to be the best SEO points of view.
  • Reduce the bounce rate. Google has included the so-called bounce rate you see in Analytics in the ranking algorithm. To find out exactly where users click, you can use a heat map or scroll card and swap the active items so they stay on the site.

Optimize your site for mobile phones. This is absolutely imperative because at least 10% of consumers come from there.

Choosing keywords

Choose your keywords sensibly! Choosing the right keywords goes on to be avital part of SEO. Make use ofgoogle keyword planner, to evaluate search volume and select keywords with less competition but rankable.Select one main keyword on the page. Each page of your site should be targeted to only one word or phrase. For the Phoenix SEO Agency this is an important deal now.

Verification of the competition title

Perform a Google search using the allintitle command: “Your keyword” to find the number of webpages that currently contain that keyword in your headline.

Steal your competitors’ keywords.


  • Put your keyword as close to the beginning of the title as possible.
  • Avoid the ability to cut the title when it comes to social networking, so let it be up to 55 characters.
  • Make your titles stand out in SERP (showing in Google results) using stars, numbers, and more.
  • Reduce the use of stop words in the title, such as a, but, yes, and so on.

Meta Descriptions

  • Write unique, compelling meta descriptions, they are your ad.
  • Keep the description long up to 155 characters so it will not be cut in the search results.
  • Use keywords in meta description. Lately it’s not very important, but still. You can pin the keywords, so you will increase your presence.
  • The H1 tag remains an important ranking issue and must include a target keyword.


When you optimize the text on your pages, remember that the keyword or phrase should be inserted as early as possible in the first paragraph and repeated two or three times.


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