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What It Actually Takes To Become A Great Athlete


Becoming a top athlete is not easy. There are usually several traps that are waiting for the athlete who wants to reach the highest peaks. Among other things, there is this frenetic race to performance that can sometimes be quite disastrous for its development, or even for his career. To get to the end, you must have a mindset that will focus on development and personal satisfaction before aiming for performance and results. This development-mindset seems to be the secretly shared by great athletes such as Kevin Sheehan .


How To Develop Your Passion


When you want to become successful in any field or sports discipline, the first ability to develop is the passion that we have for this activity. This rule is more important in the athlete who must at all times face a competition in both training and tournament. But the first competition that you have to try to win is purely personal. In fact, as an athlete, the first competition you have to win is the one about passion.


Too often, the sporting context brings the youngster too early in real duels (competitions) against opponents. Already at this age, young athletes are therefore confronted with the concept of defeat vs. victory. If the young person in question does not obtain positive results and the passion is not firmly anchored, he is at risk of leaving his sport too early and going to try something else (or even worse, not wanting to do any more sports). After all, we all seek a place where we do well and where we can achieve.


So before trying to develop performances, it is his passion that must first of all try to develop. This is very important to the extent that it will allow you to cope with all the physical and mental challenges that the sporting practice will make you suffer. If you look around you, most of the top athletes who had to amaze the world were first noticed by their passion that was on the limit. So, if you really want to become a high-performance athlete, such as Sheehan, I think about this first step before looking at your abilities.


Developing Personal Performance


The athlete should have as his only interest his personal progress and the optimization of his skills (and not only interest to win tournaments or games!). In this case, the best thing to do is to set progressive goals that have no other reason than personal satisfaction. The athlete takes pleasure in achieving his goals and pushing his own limits. In other words, the athlete competes with himself, always seeking to give the best of himself for personal victories.


It is only after the athlete has been able to win significant fights against himself in his development process that we will begin to see quality performances in the interaction with opponents

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